Do your customers know where they can find you?

PinPoint is for you, if you are operating a website for a company or an organisation whose business success depends on being found. We support you in that.

With PinPoint you are located easier

PinPoint improves the overview on your website

PinPoint fits to your corporate design

PinPoint is a map based location finder (shop finder, shopfinder, store locator, store finder,) for the clear display and for the intuitive locating of static and dynamic objects such as branches, subsidiaries, shops, agencies, public authorities, sights, events, bicycle- and hiking trails, routes, etc.. The basis is the interactive Google Maps. PinPoint organizes all your information in Google Maps. PinPoint gets embedded in your website.

PinPoint is the easiest way to show all your locations in Google Maps, Google Earth and mobile phones with custom site related information.

PinPoint Highlights

  1. BulletQuickest location finder in the internet
    90% time saving

  2. BulletClear exposure of locations
    75% reduction of complexity

  3. BulletIntuitive operation Covers >95% of paradigms when searching a location

  4. BulletPublication package Always up to date in the internet

  5. BulletPinPoint-Mobile Optimized for the display on  cellular phones

  6. BulletContributes to the sales increase

  7. Bullet„Ready-to-use“ embedding <1h

  8. BulletNo additional maintenance efforts

  9. BulletCorporate Design - easiest individualization

  10. BulletNo unplanned consequential or upgrade charges

Do you know how your customers think?

You do a lot to increase the sales of your products. What do you do that customers find the point of sale?

It is not the point to find an already chosen location. That is secondary. Primary it‘s a matter of finding the optimum location out of many quickly and easily. In particular in unfamiliar areas.

Interested customers who look for a subsidiary, a branch, a dealer, a shop, or a point of interest can easily find a location using the PinPoint location-finder, than to choose a location in a list. Locations that are hard to locate in a list can be easily found on a map.

A picture says more than a thousand words

Each person acts according to his or her personal logic. Map search, list search, vicinity search, swift search and the automatic localization are available with PinPoint.

PinPoint is the clearest and fastest location-finder on the internet. Directions to a location can be displayed anytime. All your geographic information is on a single map. Menu rotations are no longer required.

Times have long gone since website visitors had to search for location related information in different menus and windows. PinPoint provides location related information at a single point.

Do you have time to maintain data?

New products and services mostly increase the efforts to maintain the data. Dual maintenance is unacceptable. Independent of operating your own IT infrastructure or not, WEISSWO offers the suitable solution for your enterprise.

You have the choice between the hosted solution PinPoint Service and the licence solution PinPoint Licence. Both are all-inclusive solutions. Google Maps, internet-browsers and PinPoint undergo continuous development. Both solutions include frequent software updates.

Product packages

With PinPoint Service we offer you ready-to-use product packages.

PinPoint Basic    Live-Demo

Click and check it out

PinPoint Basic

Application:   Corporations with subsidiaries,

                    shops, branches, etc.


  1. 3 search patterns

      - Map search

      - Vicinity search/swift search

      - List search

  1. 3 to 5 individual icons

  2. Intelligent interactive legend

  3. Integrated route calculation with
    printing function

  4. Display of up-to-date location related

  5. Automatic clustering

  6. PinPoint Mobile

  7. Full screen function

  8. Image zoom and slide show function

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PinPoint Activity

Application:   Tourism, events


  1. Google Earth converter shows tracks,
    POI in 3D

  2. Expanding intelligent legend

  3. Printable tour description

  4. GPX Download of tour data on PDAs

  5. MobileCMS for generation and
    display of tour and POI descriptions

  6. Full screen function

  7. Image zoom and slide show function

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