Easy Data Administration

  1. BulletYou have few technical and personnel resources or you do not have your own IT-department

  2. BulletYou do not have your own location database (branches, dealers, shops, etc.)

  3. BulletThe data administration is a pure editorial effort with a web-based online editor Programming knowledge is not necessary

  4. BulletThe location database is operated on a WEISSWO server

Database Connection

  1. BulletYou have technical and personnel resources and you have your own IT-department

  2. BulletYou operate your own location database that contains branches, dealers, shops, etc.

  3. BulletData administration is done automatically through database synchronisation

  4. BulletThe location-finder is operated on a WEISSWO server

License Scheme

  1. BulletYou are endued with ample technical and personnel resources and you have your own IT-department

  2. BulletYou don’t want to have an external data interface

  3. BulletYou have available all location data (contact information, geo-coordinates) in your own database

  4. BulletOur location-finder software is operated
    on your own server

Choose your requirement profile

WEISSWO has the appropriate solution for your business available.


PinPoint is for you, if you are operating a website for a company or an organisation whose business success depends on being found.

PinPoint is a software, which allows a visitor to your website to quickly locate immobile locations such as subsidiaries, branches, agencies, authorities, sights, events, et cetera. The basis is an interactive map.

PinPoint is a map based location finder. PinPoint can be embedded in customer websites and displays locations using a Google map, while also giving access from mobile devices and Google Earth.

„PinPoint is the easiest way to show all your locations in Google Maps,

Google Earth and on mobile phones with custom site specific information.

PinPoint Features

  1. BulletClearest exposure of locations

  2. BulletIntuitive operation, because Google Maps is well known

  3. BulletSimultaneous location search in map and list

  4. BulletShortest response time: PinPoint is the fastest location-finder on the internet

  5. BulletMinimal maintenance efforts

  6. BulletVery simple individualization

  7. BulletNo unplanned consequential or upgrade charges

  8. BulletNo development efforts on your part

  9. BulletGoogle Earth and Mobile Phone integration

Customer Value

Interested customers who look for a subsidiary, a branch, a dealer, a shop, or a point of interest can easily find a location using the PinPoint location-finder, than to choose a location in a list. Locations that are hard to locate in a list can be easily found on a map.

„A picture says more than a thousand words.“

PinPoint is the clearest and fastest location-finder on the internet. Directions to a location can be displayed anytime. All your geographic information is on a single map.