1. BMW Austria

  2. Application: Dealer network

  3. BMW Austria shows with PinPoint the automobile and motorbike dealer network in Austria.

BMW Austria

  1. Merkur

  2. Application: Shop network

  3.                                           Merkur shows with PinPoint the Austrian location network. The

  4. interactive legend supports website-visitors to identify the shops which offer the suitable category.


  1. St. Anton am Arlberg

  2. Application: Tourism

  3.                                                     The tourist office St. Anton a.A. embedded and adapted the location

  4. finder communicating the themes events, summer sport (hiking, mountain biking, cycling), winter sport

  5. (winter hiking, cross country skiing,..) and accommodation, infrastructure, etc. The pages events and

  6. summer sport show videos, webcams and the tracks in the map and Google Earth. The tour profiles,

  7. which were issued with MobileCMS, can be opened and printed in the map.

St. Anton a.A.

  1. Tirol Regiocard

  2. Application: Business partner

  3. Shows the locations of all business partners. With the aid of the legend website visitors look for those leisure time facilities, which attract them most.

  4. Tirol Regiocard

  1. Mercedes-Benz Omnibus Atlas

  2. Application: Sightseeing, travel planning

  3. The publishing house Kommunalverlag supports German bus operators to plan their bus tours in Central Europe. The Omnibus atlas shows over 750 destinations, sights, restaurants, accommodations, etc..

MB Omnibus Atlas

  1. UEFA EURO 2008 Innsbruck

  2. Application: events, tourism

  3. The City of Innsbruck showed on its official UEFA EURO 2008-website event locations, fan areas, fan camp, infrastructure, sightseeing and recreation facilities. The website was switched off in April 2009. The link shows the location finder which was embedded in the official website.

  4. EURO 2008 Innsbruck

  1. Billa

  2. Application: Shop network

  3.                                         The branch network of BILLA Austria comprehends more than 1.000

  4.                                         groceries and it is ever growing. Due to the automatic clustering function

  5.                                         the map is always clear.


  1. Huber

  2. Application: Shop and dealer network

  3. The underwear producer shows with PinPoint the network of own shops and trading partners in Austria.


  1. Bipa

  2. Application: Shop network

  3. The drugstore chain shows the position of more than 560 locations in Austria. Beside map- and list search the REWE-corporation is utilizing functions like the active legend, the fullscreen-function and the vicinity search.


  1. Vitra

  2. Application: Dealer network

  3.                         The Swiss furniture manufacturer shows in the overview map more than 1,170 dealers

  4.                         spread over the globe. The visitors choose the preferential country adjustment already

  5.                         with PinPoint. The location finder harmonizes perfectly with the corporate design of

  6.                         the site.


  1. Limburg

  2. Application: Tourism

  3.                                 PinPoint organizes more than 1,400 locations on the website of the Dutch

  4.                                 tourism association Limburg. They are grouped in 61 main and subcategories.

  5.                                 A checkbox legend increases the convenience of visitors.


  1. ADAC-Autoatlas

  2. Application: Travel planning, Search engine

  3. How to display more than 5,675 hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, etc. on an equal footing?

  4. PinPoint emphasizes the importance of simple communication with pictures. The location finder is the central element of the site.